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About This Business

Kitchen and bath designer, Clare Donohue, has great ideas and a friendly, down-to-earth approach. Personalized in-home consultations provide expert advice, creative ideas, helpful strategies you can use. Get a snapshot of the big picture and all the answers you need about cost and construction issues. Find out up front what to expect and the best approach for your budget. Clare makes the whole process of renovation less daunting, and more fun. Complete design services are offered on a menu basis. Pay-as-you-go for exactly the amount of help you need. Projects begin with an affordable one-hour consultation, including: practical tips, on-the-spot sketches, and contractor referrals. Other services, such as floor plans, cabinet drawings, sourcing of tile and materials, and construction oversight, are provided as desired. One-shot consultations are also offered, and may be the perfect solution when budgets are tight. 121Studio is a member of the NKBA.